Our facilities

Every facility has its unique reason for existing.
We produced a thousand ideas before arriving at the perfect design for our facilities. 

Rehbar Majeed Textiles (Sewing & Knitting):

  • Multi story state of the art building
  • 200+ skilled workforce
  • Solar Energy (100 KwA)
  • Centralised chiller system
  • Firefighting equipment
  • Evacuation plan - Emergency exits
  • Work place ergonomic design
  • Abundance of sunlight
  • Great ventilation
  • Green factory sorrounded by 400+ trees and plants
  • Welfare vegetable farm

Rehbar Majeed Processing Mills (Woven Processing & Sewing)

  • State of the art modern & eco friendly facility (under construction)
  • ETP Plant
  • Solar Power
  • Fire fighting equipment 
  • Abundance of sunlight
  • Great ventilation
  • Green factory with Miyawaki forrrest
  • Welfare vegetable farm

Quality Work

Our Belief

We consider commitment as one of our core fundamentals, thats why we are transparent with our quality, time and standard.


Living in a country with first hand experience with smog make us highly committed to our environment which led us to take measures such as solar energy,  plantation drives, eco friendly lights & machinery.

Women Empowerment

Employee Welfare

Corporate Social Responsibility