We consider commitment as one of our core fundamentals, thats why we are transparent with our quality, time and standard.


Living in a country with first hand experience with smog make us highly committed to our environment which led us to take measures such as solar energy,  eco friendly lights and machinery, plantation drives.

about the facility


Multi story state of the art building

​200+ skilled workforce

Solar Energy (100 KwA)

Centralised chiller system

Firefighting equipment

Evacuation plan - Emergency exits

Work place ergonomic design

Abundance of sunlight

Great ventilation

Green factory sorrounded by 400+ trees and plants

we believe

our team

Outdoor fabrication team

Inhouse fabrication and quality control

Sampling department

8 separate production teams within the factory each specialist of different product range. 

Each team has its own inline checkers, inspectors and packaging staff, run by one supervisor per team.