Based on defined quality standards, we first perform trial runs in sewing department under supervision of production development and marketing team, ensuring that operators fully understand these standards and requirements.

We define clear quality standards for all products taking into account factors such as fabric construction, strength, texture, Oekotex and/or other standards, accessories standards, etc. We make sure that these standards are communicated to all stakeholders, including production team, suppliers and customers.

Accessories QC

In-line inspection during production

This team specialise in fabric. They inspect yarn, fabric construction, weight, strength, texture, hand feel, color shades, color fasteness,  adherence to oekotex standards. Fabric is issued for cutting after clearance from fabrication QC department.

Product trial and training

This department is last interaction of a product before its packed and ready for departure. They inspect all parameters of a product such as shape, specs, snaps, zippers etc.

Corrective actions (if needed)

Quality Control

We always take measures to avoid problems before they arise. However, in some situations, it may not be possible to completely prevent a problem or a risk. So we give same importance to quality control. We ensure that each product passes through a comprehensive quality control process tailored to its requirement and functionality.

There are three QC teams at Rehbar Majeed Textiles, i.e. Fabrication QC, Accessories QC and Product QC.

How we do it?

Quality is a critical aspect at Rehbar Majeed Textiles as it ensures that the finished products meet the required standards and functionality. Our quality parameters are defined under two groups i.e. quality assurance and quality control.

Quality Assurance

Based on our believe that precaution is better than prevention, we have made quality assurance protocols at factory that are tailored to specific product requirements which ensures low wastage/rejection during QC inspection.

How we do it?

Based on analysis from production trial and trainings our QA team carry frequent in-line inspections right at production floor to ensure right production before QC.

Fabrication QC

Product Inspection & Testing

Production trial observations and samples are then analysed for problems, in case of problems our team search root cause and then add corrective actions such as further training or changes in production techniques.  

Establish quality standards

Accessories store department performs QC function where they, with collaboration with product development team inspect accessories such as thread, cartons, elastic construction, tags, labels, zipper etc.